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After a lifetime so far, of an indulgence in the fly fishing industry I've heard every story that there is to tell, as exciting as they are to hear, it still makes me cry with laughter when a fisher drops a complete unknown clanger into their story. When the old Colonel came into the tackle shop on the beginning of a days fishing when i was a teenager, and started to tell me that conditions were hopeless for a hatch of fly, I responded with, " a gold bead hares ear might get down to em'" to which he replied, with the upmost modesty "I'm not much of a nymphomaniac"... each to their own. 

GTRO is here to present you T-shirts, with some of those unforgotten one liners, to tickle the chuckle muscles of fishers as much as non fishers.

Fishing or not? Let's just 'Get the Rods Out' 

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Sim Hay

Founder / Fly Fisherman / Casting Instructor / Fishing Guide

Brought up fly fishing through the family, had amazing oppunities to fish and guide some of the worlds finest desinatons. From working in retail, maintaining waterways to managing lodges, I want to put some humour into our hobby.  

See all our great fishing t-shirts

Get The Rods Out

Fun t-shirts by fisherman for people who love fishing.

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